Thursday, February 08, 2007

Will John Edwards stand up to conservatives?

So far it's Flu 10 - BAC 0. I've been sick with the flu for more than 10 days now, so I'm way behind on topics I would like to write about. One of my favorite blogs is The Carpetbagger Report, so let me just share with you what Steve has written on a topic we should all pay attention to -- whether or not one of the leading Democratic presidential candidates has a spine.

Intemperate allies for me, but not for thee

The company the candidates keep

Targeting John Edwards' bloggers

If Edwards can't stand up to people who will NEVER vote for him, how can he be counted on to stand up for us? If this makes you as crazy as it did me, send a message to the campaign!

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BAC said...

It looks like he has. Good for you John!