Saturday, September 29, 2007

McCain says Constitution established a 'Christian Nation'

Good grief, McCain

A recent poll found that 55 percent of Americans believe the U.S. Constitution establishes a Christian nation. What do you think?

I would probably have to say yes, that the Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation. But I say that in the broadest sense. The lady that holds her lamp beside the golden door doesn't say, “I only welcome Christians.” We welcome the poor, the tired, the huddled masses. But when they come here they know that they are in a nation founded on Christian principles.

tristero, at Hullabaloo, believes otherwise:
The Despicable John McCain

h/t tristero


fairlane said...

I wish people would actually read the Constitution. I know it cuts into time spent watching Brittney's latest crotch shot and all, but it is kind of important.

pygalgia said...

With Fairlane, and I would add that McCain is no longer sane.

Distributorcap said...


i guess walking around the baghdad marketplace looking for bargains didnt endear him to the Islam

fucking bigot on top of being insane

and fairlane, britney's crotch is far more important than habeus corpus

BAC said...

You guys are spot on!


Anonymous said...

I really, REALLY hate to agree with George W. Bush, but I think he was correct to call John McCain "unbalanced and a little crazy" from all those years spent in a POW camp.