Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Free Iggy

iggy02.jpgTrying to do the right thing, comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres now finds herself in deep doo doo with Mutts and Moms. Ellen adopted Iggy, a cute little dog. She cared for Iggy to the best of her ability, and when it was clear the adoption was not going to work out she gave the dog to a loving family. The dog lived there for two weeks -- bonding with the two girls in the home, and they bonded with Iggy.

Ellen shares the story on her web site.

When Mutts and Moms called to check up on Iggy, Ellen didn't lie -- she told them the truth. And that's when the trouble started. It seems Ellen had signed an agreement saying that she would not give the dog away. Mutts and Moms, claiming Ellen violated the contract, demanded the dog be returned.

They physically went over to Iggy's new home and carted Iggy back to the shelter.

iggy03sm.jpgNow you tell me. What would be best for Iggy -- to live with a family that loves him? Or, live in a dog shelter?

If you agree that Iggy should be returned to the family that loves him, email or call Mutts and Moms today. You can reach them at:

Mutts and Moms

Paw Boutique
523 S Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
Email: pawboutique@yahoo.com

The web site is currently down, probably from too many hits! The questions to ask are: Why didn't Mutts and Moms simply interview the new family and let Iggy stay? Is going by the policy more important that what is in the best interest of the dog and the family?

Urge Mutts and Moms to SET IGGY FREE!

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Mutts and Moms said "rules are rules" and that the adoption agency has no plans to turn over Iggy. Degeneres had given the dog to her hairdresser, who has two children. On Sunday Mutts and Moms came, police in tow, to retrieve the dog.

Despite an on-air plea from Degeneres, Mutts and Moms owner Marina Batkis "is not going to give them the dog."
... the Pasadena-based organization that has been the target of death and arson threats and calls for a boycott since DeGeneres' emotional retelling of the doggy dilemma on her talk show Tuesday, said that his client has no plans to return the four-month-old Brussels Griffon terrier mix to DeGeneres' hairdresser and her two young daughters. [...]

"[Batkis] doesn't think this is the type of family that should have the dog," Fink told the Associated Press. "She is adamant that she is not going to be bullied around by the Ellen DeGenereses of the world…They are using their power, position and wealth to try to get what it is they want."
Yeah, a decent home for a dog now living in a shelter. The NERVE of them. Geezzzz Someone should take Ellen and Portia out back and slap them! How dare they find a good home for a homeless little dog.


Veronica said...

I sympathize with the kids and Ellen, but she really should read things before signing them. when we adopted over the summer our contract says we MUST return Annie. THey just want to keep track of the dogs they foster. The woman who fostered Annie bonded with her for months before she was ready to come to us.

Not sure if they would go and remove her without interviewing the new family, but we'd be hit with a huge fine...a few hundred dollars.

Bonding doesn't always mean the best home, so I'm not saying Iggy should stay wiht them or not. It's up to the rescue folks.

BAC said...

I adopted a shelter dog once, he was a bigger dog than I wanted, but he was about to be destroyed and I just couldn't stand having that happen. He was so cute! I took him home and as I had feared he was just too big for my apartment. I found a good home for him, and sent him off to live with a family that had a little boy for him to play with and a huge yard.

Before taking a dog from a family that loves it, I think the rescue team could have at least spoken with the family. They could have checked the home while there to "pick up" the dog. If everything checked out, why not just let the dog stay?

Rules should never get in the way of doing what is right.

This from a mother of three dogs -- one of which is in the dog house tonight for digging in the newly poured concrete patio tonight. It's a good thing she is the baby and I love her.


fairlane said...

"Death Threats" over a dog?

What in the hell is wrong with people?

Personally, I'm a cat person.

FranIAm said...

This is a sad story about rules over reason.

I understand the basic rule- you can't really give the dog away so easily. Many people go get dogs- or cats or whatever, and then decided the reality of having an animal companion is just not what they had in mind.

So it is for the safety of the animal that this type of rule exists.

However, if the new family can be checked out easily and passes what is needed, then let the dog (ok I typed god twice before I got dog out!!LOL!) go live there.

I have carried out a couple of home inspections for local affiliates of Best Friends. Can't this organization go over there and get someone ok'd?

It is sick and so damned "American" to say "too bad, the rules are the rules and I must follow them."

I hate to be graphic but that phrase got a little too much use in German for a number of years in and around WWII.

betmo said...

i understand why the rules are there- we have pit bull fighting rings here in my area- and adopting pets has become an arduous undertaking. however, the proper thing for this stupid organization to have done- interview and check out the family- and let them have the damned dog. this whole thing is ridiculous. i doubt ellen would have given the dog to satanic sacrificers- i hope that folks boycott the shelter until they rethink their policies.

Boxer rebel said...

I agree with everyone else and would add, why the hell do you involve the police? Maybe I just missed something, but if the agency had gone over to the house and asked for the dog back and explained policy and maybe suggested that the family come in and adopt the dog the "right" way, it may have worked out better. This seems like someone trying to work out power issues.

I also adopted from an animal shelter and that was part of the consideration when I briefly thought about giving him up (he attacked another dog in what I believe was a a territory thing). I would have had to drive him back an hour to the shelter where I got him and I knew that I could not drive him somewhere and then just leave.

So this was poorly handled. The policy makes sense in some ways, but they made a mountain out of a molehill as my mother would say.

Distributorcap said...

this should not have been about the shelter (she said she wouldnt do as ellen requested since she was treated so badly) -- it is about the dog and the kids

i understand the need to check out families and homes -- to make sure the adopting parents are capable and willing to care for a pet --- they should have just gone over and checked it out, had a conversation with ellen about their findings and explained the rules for the next time

they shelter, which needs all the financial and community support it can get comes out looking like assholes. and it doesnt help their cause.

meanwhile the lawyer for the shelter was on dan abrams tonite and HE looked like a total jerk. and a liar.

PS -- the shelter gave the dog to ANOTHER family -- just to spite ellen i bet.

what asswipes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they really did give the dog away already (so soon?--and who would take it with this huge debate knowing that it was taken from children??)...anyway, it's not to late to show your support by signing the online petition below (and spread the word):