Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sen. Kennedy Suffers a Seizure

First reports were that Sen. Kennedy had suffered a stroke. I was attending the NOW Mid Atlantic Regional Conference when Ellie Smeal interrupted the speaker to announce the news. She urged everyone to send best wishes to the Senator and his family.

Kennedy has come under fire from feminist recently for his endorsement of Barack Obama. Women, who have supported Kennedy for decades -- during some of the Senator's most difficult times -- felt let down that he was not returning the favor.
But while me may differ with him on who the Democratic nominee should be, there is no question that Sen. Kennedy has been a champion of women's rights in the Senate. In some cases leading the battle.

Sen. Clinton issued the following statement: "My thoughts and prayers are with Ted Kennedy and his family today. We all wish him well and a quick recovery."


Dean Wormer said...

I don't always agree with Kennedy with regards to some of his choices in his personal life (if it's any of my business) but as a politician I agree he's been tried and true.

I haven't enjoyed some of the vultures using this as an opportunity to dust off their Kennedy is a drunk jokes. That family has shed a lot of blood for this country. They deserve just a modicum of respect.

BAC said...

Dean Wormer - I agree. Thanks for your comment.


dguzman said...

I saw on Faux "news" a little bit ago that Chimpy had asked Mrs. Kennedy to "take care of my friend." As if.

BAC said...

He is something ...