Saturday, May 17, 2008

Obama's Map Problem

To all the superdelegates who ready this blog, I'd like to direct you to ANOTHER blog for a moment. Scan has a must read post for you here: "Obama Blames Geography, Email and Fox News for Upcoming Loss"

Obama seems to be having a little trouble with the map lately. First he thinks there are at least 57 states (maybe 60), and now he thinks Arkansas is closer to Kentucky than Illinois.

He claims geography is why Clinton is beating him in KY. Should we add WVA, IN, OH, and PA to that line up? Someone get this candidate a map, QUICK!! His home state is closer than Arkansas is to ALL of the states mentioned.

While we are on the subject of maps, MyDD has Electoral College maps in both sidebars at the top of their home page that indicate Clinton would defeat McCain 295 to 243, while McCain would defeat Obama 285 to 253. You need 270 to win.

Pundits are quick to say "It's the math ... the math ..." Maybe superdelegates should look at the map to get the REAL story about "the math."

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