Thursday, June 05, 2008

Obama's Media Problem

Keith Olbermann invited Dana Milbank to appear on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight to discuss where Sen. Obama goes from here. In talking about how to appeal to Sen. Clinton's supporters, Olbermann suggested it might include Obama needing to talk more about health care (as he has been doing over the past 48 hours or so).

Milbank disagreed, saying there is no "real difference" in the policy proposals of Clinton and Obama, that the campaign turned more on personalities -- and that is what Obama would need to address. Milbank went on to clarify that he didn't think we should expect to see Obama suddenly start "doing shots" or "weeping" on the campaign trail.

Not missing a beat, Olbermann agreed.

Don't these two idiots get it?

The Obama camp better ask for a meeting with these two men quickly, to urge them to ramp DOWN their sexist comments. They are doing Obama NO FAVOR keeping this shit going.



Sue J said...

Un. Freakin'. Believable!

dguzman said...

They've been talking like this from the beginning, and Obama (and Reid, and Biden, and Dean) never stopped them then -- they won't stop them now.

And to think--Olbermann is supposed to be "progressive." Yikes, indeed.

Great post.

mwb said...

Gheesh, why don't they start a dating service.

BAC said...

Sue, Dguzman and MWB - yes ... yes ... and I agree!