Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out with the old, in with the ... ?

Someone please tell me this headline is a typo: Obama team weighs Nunn, Edwards as running mates

Sen. Obama isn't seriously considering former Sen. Sam Nunn as his running mate is he?

When I first heard Nunn's name floated a couple of weeks ago I thought "this must be a joke." But now that his name keeps coming up it's become apparent that the joke may very well be on all of us!

Mr. "I'm going to change Washington" ... Mr. "Unity" ... Mr. "No-more-politics-as-usual" is seriously considering Sam Nunn? Good grief!

Nunn has not been in office for more than a decade so he is not well-known nationally. He is a conservative Democrat who supported school prayer and opposed gays in the military, while Obama tends to have a more liberal viewpoint. Nunn will turn 70 in September.
What, he couldn't bring Strom Thurmond back from the dead?


Mary Ellen said...

What, he couldn't bring Strom Thurmond back from the dead?

LOL! Good one! :-D

I'm not too surprised by this, look at his close relationship with Joe Lieberman. He said that Joe was his "mentor" (he seems to have a lot of those) and Joe also leans Conservative...I know, that's an understatement. I always thought he would bring Joe onto his team, but then Lieberman went out to support McCain.

Sue J said...

Yes, and as you may have heard, Obama will NOT be giving out ponies to everyone, either.

It turns out that "change" and "hope" were just campaign slogans. Turns out he's not so different than all the "Washington insiders" he derided.

Who knew? Oh, wait -- WE DID!

BAC said...

Mary Ellen - I lost all hope and respect for Lieberman a long time ago.

SueJ - yep!


Mary Ellen said...

Sue J-

You hit on it, the real reason I can't support Obama is because I'm hurt that I'm not getting one of those free ponies. I wanted a pink one with a purple mane and eyes that look like jewels. Damned politicians!

BAC- Yeah, Joe Lieberman is a real bottom feeder. At least he went Independent, though. I knew he could never go Republican because he would stand to lose to much, but this is as close as he could get to stick it to the Dems. I was really disgusted when Gore picked him for his VP. I thought he could do better. If I recall, I think he felt that this would bring him the Jewish vote in Florida.

mwb said...

So Senator McCain at around 70 is attacked by some supporters of Senator Obama as being "old."

Oh, please let him pick Senator Nunn who's the same age so they can explain why that's different!

And Mary Ellen, I hear you. I think I lost my right to right in the Unity Pony Parade long ago. I kept asking who are you expecting to clean the shit up when you're done?