Friday, May 16, 2008

Primary Conversation with Clinton

The headline tells the story: Obama Ahead in Oregon... 20, 14, and 12... Now by Only Five

The Orgeon primary is next Tuesday -- the same day as the Kentucky primary. If Hillary wins Kentucky solidly, while Obama underperforms in Oregon, it will give new life to questions about Obama's general election chances. He better hope this is a blip... Read More
This is significant.

You might also want to check out A Conversation of Heart, by Taylor Marsh.

It was just between Hillary Clinton and bloggers who have her back.
PODCAST: Senator Clinton Chats with Pro Hillary Bloggers
One of the bloggers on the call alluded to a video featuring Chelsea Clinton. I wonder if it was this one:

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to see Chelsea up close and personal, and she is an excellent spokesperson for her mother. And while she has ruled out a run for public office, a number of women in the room are certainly hoping she will change her mind.


sara said...

She didn't seem particularly enthusiastic in the video. It seemed like she was fed a lot of facts too. But, I take it you are a Hillary fan?

BAC said...

Hi Sara - welcome to Yikes. Chelsea was answering a question, not necessarily making a "rally" speech. The tenor is very different. What she is doing is educating the audience with the facts. It's amazing to me how few people know some of this basic information.

I am most definitely a Hillary fan, as I think she is the best person to fix the mess left behind by George W. Bush.


dguzman said...

My partner and a friend of ours went to see Chelsea at Penn State, and they both said she was amazing. She's so smart, just like her mom and dad.

BAC said...

That she is.